P&O Cruise Ship Commission - In the press

Amy is on board with P&O

AMY ALBRIGHT, a University College Falmouth graduate, has been commissioned to produce four large paintings for P&O cruises' latest ship, Britannia.

The striking semi-abstract oil paintings will be positioned in a public area of the ship for all to see. Britannia will boast Britain's largest floating art collection, containing more than 8,000 artworks, when it launches in March next year.

P&O's art consultant Tom Tempest-Radford said: "Most of the artworks are abstract, based on the sea and music and the whole thing together is a symphony."

Amy has exhibited nationally since winning the Midas Award in 2008 and is achieving great success, with other collectors including Tresco Estate, Isles of Scilly. In 2013 she was made a member of the NSA (Newlyn Society of Artists) and has previously been selected as Artist in residence at Tresco Gallery and Beaford Academy. Amy has lived in Cornwall most of her life, growing up in Lostwithiel. She is now based at Krowji Studios, Redruth and is working towards a major solo exhibition at Artwave West gallery in Dorset next year.

When describing her work Amy said: "I paint using an intuitive, organic technique; building up the surface with numerous layers of paint. With an unsettled sense of scale I aim to capture the magical, elusive dancing light found in our oceans shallows and depths."

 West Briton, Cornish Guardian Jan 2014.

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